Whitepapers and a Book


Master The 5 Steps To Increasing Employee Engagement And Crush The Competition

“The world’s top-performing organizations understand that employee engagement is a force that drives performance outcomes. In the best organizations, engagement is more than a human resources initiative – it is a strategic imperative for the way they do business.…” Download the complete whitepaper. Registration required.


Creating Workplace Community: Motivation - Solutions, ideas, and philosophies for motivating ourselves and others

“Go to any company in America and take away all the employees. What do you have left?


Shares of stock dissolve into worthless pieces of paper, equipment shuts down, and buildings empty.

While American business has a rich history of success and invention and prosperity and dominance, its wins often have come at extraordinary personal costs.

Gone are the days when the loss of life was considered a necessary expense of business as the industrial age dawned and the tracks of American enterprise stretched across the country, but truly, how far have we come?

Many companies still treat employees as contractible/expandable inventory. Lay off in slow times, work to exhaustion in busy times . . . buy, sell . . . hire, fire . . . shuffle, reshuffle . . . hold back information, twist truths . . . fix short-term, manipulate long-term.

Companies that offer the basics of respect for employees, solicitation of input, and equal opportunity for growth are considered the finest in America—but only by comparison.…” Download the complete book. Registration required.